At MCKids Academy we’ll explore the basics of multi-player gaming including play etiquette, ‘what’s real’, in-game planning, and ‘plan your play’ ideas for kids while building on core 21st Century learning like basic programming, leadership and critical thinking. Momibelle leads specialized learning environments that engage and provoke discussion about the more complex concepts that children may face in this new social environment. Does your child have minimal experience playing in a group setting? Are you worried about the influences that play on public servers pose? Is your child showing an interest in building and learning about how to mod their game safely or would like to learn how to create their own game using Redstone circuitry and command block science? We 'play' with all of the above and more at MCKids Academy.


What other's are saying:

“Our son joined MCKids with a love for the game and came away with new computing skills, friends, and more than a few new tricks. Anna has put together a wonderful, interactive program blending the real and imaginary worlds our kids traverse.”  - Bonnie M.


“Our son came to MCkids with enthusiasm, some nervousness, and no computer skills. Thanks to the week at camp with Momibelle our son was able to ‘get it’ and participate alongside all the other kids who had been playing Minecraft for 3,6,12 months or more. It was a great success for our son. Wyatt left totally turned on.”  -  Jacquie S.


Are you a builder, crafter, miner or farmer? Have you only been able to play on your iPad and want to see what the full PC/MAC version of Minecraft is all about? Don't like playing on public servers because you're always getting griefed and trolled, or you don't like the way other's talk in chat to you? Are you a little more experienced and want to check out the latest mods? Learn chemistry and genetics while you battle to survive in an extreme environment, or blast-off to planets only found in a fictional universe ... You will have the chance to explore, create and build together with other MCKids at MCKids Academy. Each camp will be kid-directed, so you get the chance to tell us what you want to do and play! PLUS it won't stop after camp is over. As long at you stick to the MCKids Code of Conduct, you'll get access to our private, monitored servers for the rest of the year (parent approval required, of course!).



During the years that Momibelle home-schooled Emibelle, we discovered that in an educator -guided gaming environment, there were endless opportunities for learning. Languages and numeracy, geology, history and sciences can be incorporated with team-based cooperative building and exploration activities that encourage problem-solving and positive, constructive play. Our camps are an awesome curricular enhancement for kids who already love the game. In addition to guiding your child through the technical aspects of play and socially acceptable behaviors, we provide opportunities that encourages inquiry-based learning and self-regulation practice all in the open-ended, virtual playground Minecraft!


All camps run weekly from 9 AM to 4 PM
Camps and gaming themes are SUBJECT TO CHANGE.

Bring your own laptop. We play on the full (PC) JAVA edition of Minecraft ($35. CA) NOT on Bedrock Edition for hand-helds.
Laptop rentals $15 per day. Please reserve and pay for ahead of time ($75 for 5 day week, pls make note on payment with child's first name and week attending). Half of our day is outdoor, active play! Dress appropriately. No open sandals, hikers preferred!
Seven (7) day cancellation notice for refund.


Week 8 - Aug 21 - 25 REGISTER (1 spot)

Beyond Minecraft: Indie Games Exploration

Intermediate/Advanced Ages 10-14

Cost $375

Throwing a curve ball and looking at some of the newest E+ rated games that have caught our interest. Some borrow heavily from Minecraft, other’s not so. Momibelle continues to promote positive play, with an eye on self-regulation, learning and safety online.
Your child should have a STEAM account with access to additional recommended games (TBA).
Instructor: Anna ‘Momibelle’ Belluz


Week 9 - Aug 28 - Sept 1 REGISTER (3 spots)

Back to School in Minecraft

ALL LEVELS Ages 8-13

Cost $375

Getting ready means getting ahead and setting a routine for the following weeks to come with the new school year right around the corner. Momibelle will explore some of the ways that we can establish healthy habits for study and play, and look at ways to incorporate what we do for fun (gaming) with school (and homework). Individuals can choose an area of exploration, such as an historic build, programing in-game robots, or creating a portfolio of mini-games for final presentation to parents at the end of the week.

Max 12


FALL 2018 - REGISTER for ProD, Homeschool & Creator Camps

Minecraft Master Creator Classes

All Levels - Ages 8-13

10AM - 2PM

Explore learning through Minecraft in-depth at our weekend workshops. Learn how to mod your game, level-up your server management know-how (game design and administrative roles), discover modeling and programming with the use of free learn to program tools and in-game mods. Bring your laptop for easier access to ongoing work/play from home. NO CHARGE for laptop rentals. Student access to Adobe Creative Suite ($22 per month) may be required, depending on project.
Instructor: Anna ‘Momibelle’ Belluz

Cost $60 per class

Sunday, Sept 9, 2018  REGISTER (Hastings Community Centre)

Sunday, Sept 30, 2018   REGISTER (Creekside Rec Centre)

Sunday, Oct 14, 2018   REGISTER (Creekside)
Sunday, Nov 4, 2018  REGISTER (Hastings)
Sunday, Nov 18, 2018  REGISTER (Creekside)
Sunday, Dec 2, 2018 REGISTER (Hastings)


at Creekside Rec Centre

All Levels - Ages 8-13

9AM - 3PM
Cost $75

Build, craft and learn while we play. Our focus this Fall is on conservation ecology and building our 1.13 Aquatic update Minecraft server. Co-curricular enhanced learning and play plus HALF of our day is outdoor play!

Friday Sept 21, 2018  REGISTER

Friday Oct 19, 2018  REGISTER
Friday Nov 9, 2018  REGISTER

MCKids Academy Homeschool with Momibelle

at Hastings Community Centre
Wednesdays Sept 5 - Nov 7
Grades 3-6

10AM - 11:30AM



MCKids Academy Homeschool with Momibelle
at West End Community Centre

Wednesdays Sept 19 - Nov 21

Grades 3-6

1PM - 2:30PM


We guide your child through Vanilla Minecraft game play while focusing on 21st C learning concepts and curriculum-based learning experiences in a virtual and real life setting. Conservation ecology is our theme this Fall! Weekly O4Ls and/or reporting provided. Laptops provided with guest Minecraft accounts and/or bring your own. All levels. Children should have their own PC/MAC Minecraft accounts $35 CA.
Cost $170 per term

TEACHERS need help with MinecraftEdu?

Interested in starting an after-school Minecraft club, but don't know where to begin? Are you a teacher and would like to introduce MinecraftEDU in your classroom, but need support? Are you a parent that wants to provide one-on-one learning ops for your child who is showing an interest with advanced Minecraft play that involves Command Blocks and Redstone? Do you have a special needs child that can do incredible things, but needs direction and behavioral support? Call us!


We can help guide you through the technical aspects of play that might include setting up a private server using server-side plug-ins to create the right kind of online play. We can help you understand what are socially acceptable in-game behaviors by building a Code of Conduct. We can help you create planned learning opportunities and lesson plans that reinforces past learning, introduces new concepts and encourages inquiry-based, child-directed learning in this fun and engaging game-based environment.


CONTACT US for more information.



Summer camps at Creekside Rec Centre 
Only a few weeks left of summer with the MCKids Academy community. Spots available! Exploring Indie games and prep for back-to-school to get back to your routine!

Educational gaming, design & programming camps
for children & youth in Vancouver, BC since 2012


What is my
child's level of play?


Level I - Beginner
0-1 yrs experience on the full version of Minecraft for PC/MAC. Experience on PE (iPad). Minimal typing.


Level II - Intermediate
1-2 years experience on the full PC/MAC version of Minecraft with personal MC account. Good typing skills.


Level III - Advanced

2+ yrs experience on full PC/MAC version of Minecraft, good redstone engineering skills, understanding of command blocks, ability to troubleshoot laptop with
min. 25+ wpm.


NOTE: Children move from game 'play' to game design/management by Level III.

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